Collecting participant details at tennis venues

Why should your club be collecting participant details?

Under the current Tennis Victoria Return to Tennis Guidelines and Return to Tennis Toolkit we have recommended that all tennis venues who open for play should be tracking all participants entering their venue. It is important during these times to know who is at your venue and have their contact details, should a COVID-19 outbreak occur, and you are required to communicate with users.

What is a QR code?

A QR code works exactly like a barcode. Visitors to your club will be able to scan the QR code with the camera on their mobile phone. This will then automatically direct them to a website where they can enter their personal contact details, which you will be able to access and track.

How does it work?

When a mobile phone camera hovers over the QR code a notification will appear on the phone taking your visitor directly to your club’s tracing website. From the website you will be able to download a list of everyone who has used the QR code and entered your facility. All data entered in VisitSafe is held securely and is available only to the VisitSafe account holders. Visitor data will be deleted after 28 days.

In the ineterest of following government guidelines and keeping everyone safe as we return to the tennis court, we ask all visitors to check-in with contact details at each visit.

Please use your mobile phone or other internet enabled device to snap the QR code on this poster or visit and complete the form presented.

Follow this process each time you visit and please contact the committee if you have any questions or need assistance.

Thank you for visiting and for helping us keep the community safe.

The following is a guide to safe play at Coatesville Tennis Club.  There is a four-step process that all members should familiarise when planning for a hit.

For now, access is strictly limited to members only.

Covid19 Step Process



  • Ensure you have your own equipment such as tennis racquets, tennis balls, towels, drinks, hand sanitiser and surface spray disinfectant.
  • At this current time, courts at Coatesville TC is available for members only; no guests are allowed. If you are not a member and wish to be, please click on the following link to the memberships page. Please ensure you have confirmation of your membership prior to making a booking, if you are not on our membership list your booking will not be accepted.
  • Ensure you have made a booking BEFORE play; Please contact Peter Grimes by Text Message on 0407 313 339, including the names of all players. Bookings are accepted between 9am to 4pm daily.
  • All bookings are a maximum of 1 hour; you must ensure you have vacated the court within your 1 hour booking
  • Make sure you receive confirmation of your booking; you don’t want to arrive there to see that your court has been taken because someone else had booked it before you. Bookings are required so the club can keep track of all attendees should an infection occur.
  • Download, install, and keep the COVIDSafe app running at all times when at Coatesville TC.
  • If you cannot make your session, please inform Peter Grimes to cancel your booking.
  • Be familiar with the following;
Return to Tennis Guideline


  • Use your own hand sanitiser before entering the courts or the club’s main entrance.
  • If you are a parent dropping off a child/children and need to be present, please avoid the club house area, and adhere to social distancing rules.
  • Avoid touching surface areas around the club.
  • Do not enter the club house unless instructed by a committee member.
  • Coaching takes priority over all forms of social play; a schedule is available on the Coatesville website;
  • Avoid touching all areas that have been taped off or covered with a blue latex glove;
  • Observe the signs posted – at the entrance of Court 1 and on the side of Court 5.
Covid19 signs pic
  • Follow the instructions of coaches and committee members when asked; they are there to ensure the safety of all attendees and to ensure the club is able to continue play.
  • All gates to courts will be opened; please do not try to touch the gates or close them.
  • If gates are not opened; please contact Peter Grimes on 0407 313 339 or Vincent Ho on 0408 881 999.
  • Only play on the court you have been allocated; do not play on courts you have not booked even though they may be available.
  • There is only one toilet available for use; the toilet outside of the club house is normally the Men’s toilet/changeroom; however, as we have to restrict access to the club house and hence the Ladies toilet/changeroom, the Men’s toilet/changeroom will be Unisex until further notice. Only one person at a time should enter the change room as there is only one toilet available. Please ensure you practise good hygiene when using the facilities and clean up after you have finished – it is advised to use your surface spray disinfectant. Use your hand sanitiser when finished.


  • Avoid touching the net and winder while playing.
  • Avoid touching the court rollers; they are not to be used without the consent of a committee member.
  • Always follow the social distancing rules.
  • Do not shake hands or high five.
  • Do not share equipment; the exception is the tennis balls within your group.
  • During social play; Courts 1 – 4 can only have a maximum of 10 players in that area.
  • Possible combinations are;
  • 4 singles matches
  • 3 singles and 1 doubles match
  • 1 singles and 2 doubles matches
  • No spectators can attend the club grounds – all fenced areas
  • Courts 5 and 6 can have a maximum of 4 players per court.
  • Keep your belongings nearby; on the side of your allocated court.
  • Where possible, mark your tennis balls with a permanent marker for easy identification.
  • Avoid touching other groups’ tennis balls should it encroach on your court, use your racquet head or your shoe to kick the ball back to its owner.
  • Use only your own drink bottle and bring your own towel to dry your sweat – Sweat left on surface areas can contribute to the spreading of viruses.
  • Do not leave belongings unattended near the club house area.
  • Please inform Occy (0417 015 588) or Peter Grimes (0407 313 339) or Vincent Ho (0408 881999) if there are any property left behind.

Please ensure you do not leave anything behind as all lost property will be disposed of.


  • Use your hand sanitiser BEFORE bagging the court.
  • Bag the court you have finished playing on.
  • Make sure you bag all the way to the back of the court.
  • When finished bagging, ensure the court bag is placed up to the back fence and to either back corner (not the middle) of the court – ensuring it does not interfere with play. This is important so the next player does not have to touch the court bag while the disinfectant is drying out.
  • Spray your surface spray disinfectant on all areas of the court bag you have touched.
  • Once you have left the club grounds, please ensure you use your hand sanitiser for the final time.

Your assistance in abiding by these protocols is important to allow us to continue to remain open with limited play/coaching. Overall, the safety of everyone involved with Coatesville Tennis Club is paramount; the COVID-19 crisis is not over and we must continue to be careful. Let’s work safely together to ensure the courts remain open and we can continue to enjoy our tennis.

Please contact a Committee member if you have any questions.

Committee Members are;

PRESIDENT:  Jodie English – 0427 577 688

TREASURER:  Peter Grimes – 0407 313 339

SECRETARY:  Lisa Hill – 0438 013 148

MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY: Ann Truscott – 0459 679 151

PENNANT SECRETARY: Michael Burke – 0408 568 036

MID-WEEK WOMEN’S REP: Louise Wood – 0400 598 573

SOCIAL COMMITTEE: Carmel McConnell – 0481 109 448

DIRECTOR OF TENNIS: Ottavio Boron (Occy) – 0417 015 588

GENERAL COMMITTEE: Vince Ho, Richard Rossi, Jeanne Pickering and Andy Mair 


Coatesville Tennis Club has been guided by directives received from the Victorian State Government, Tennis Victoria, Sport and Recreation Victoria and Glen Eira City Council in making the decision to open the courts to members under modified conditions.

We have enforced these conditions to ensure that members, coaches and any third parties using the facilities are not put at any unnecessary risk. We all have a responsibility to adhere to these rules and regulations to ensure our own safety, the safety of others and the ongoing viability of Coatesville Tennis Club.

We trust that all users will act responsibly and adhere to their duty of care in abiding by Government requirements and directions from the club to its members. 

These conditions will be reviewed in line with any new announcements and members should stay up to date by monitoring the club website, social media and email channels.

Non-compliance may result in the suspension, cancellation of membership or further disciplinary action.